What Our Clients Say

"Thank you for saving my life over and over and over!"     Mary Kelly

"For the first time I'm starting to feel like myself!  Way better."    Evelyn 

"Thank you so much for all you do to help me, heal, encourage and cheer on.  I truly appreciate your work.  And you are a beautiful soul."   Rose-Yvonne

Here is why Daren Black is a superlative source of Ayurveda, and why I trust him implicitly with my health and spiritual growth:

There are two types of Ayurveda practitioner. One type is a technician. They have credentials.  They are well-trained in the foundational knowledge of Ayurveda. They know appropriate sources from which to reference the information they need in order to help a person.

The other type of Ayurveda practitioner is truly a healer.  He or she is surrendered to the divine source of Ayurveda knowledge. This practitioner is highly intuitive, is committed to truth, is clear in mind, and fully present to witness the changing dynamics of people they work with during the process of providing help.

Daren is the second type, and this is one reason he is so good at his work. Each time Daren meets me, before I arrive, he intuitively pulls together a collection of supplements that seem useful for me. By the end of each session, my system may have changed so much that some previous needs have changed, and Daren always puts aside any items that are no longer necessary. Someone less ethical, and with lesser ability, might simply try to sell me what they "think" I need. Not Daren. Every decision he makes is based upon his foundational knowledge, his innate wisdom, and surrender to the divine that he knows is the ultimate source of healing and transformation.

Daren is truly one of the world's unique healers. There are people -- me among them -- who take proximity to Daren into consideration when contemplating moving away from Southern California. However, Daren is also highly effective from a distance, something that I have been fortunate to experience on many occasions.  

Ultimately, in my humble opinion, any sincere spiritual seeker -- anyone truly desirous of truth and balance in their life -- will find Daren's sessions and counsel invaluable.”  Dmitri Potemkin

"I had almost thought I'd never write this but I'm sleepy less nowadays. As usual no words to thank for bailing me out. You're help more than I can ever express. And help without judging."  Saumya

"Daren has been my main health help resource for the last 8 years. He has helped me with everything from sports injuries to eliminating debilitating stress and resolving traumatic emotional issues. His approach is holistic, natural, very gentle, and yet extremely powerful and always effective. By being one of Daren's clients, I have avoided the use of drugs, antibiotics, and even a visit to the emergency room. He can help you transform your life into one of health, wholeness, vitality, and beyond. Daren will guide you as deeply you wish to go on the path to truly living a powerful life, eliminating the things that hold you back, and developing your full and complete potential in whichever aspects of health and life you wish to focus.” Leo Urias

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The Marma session I had with you has been so transforming in so many ways. I feel so energized and a much sunnier outlook on the challenges I currently face. I was able to tell you what was on my mind and the Marma therapy went to work and continues to work. WOW!!! I look forward to my next session with you to help me clear the path for a more productive, spiritual, and stronger life.Thank you again my friend!" Eduardo

"I know I will continue to consider Daren as one of the most important teachers and healers. I write this with humility and gratitude." Rachelle B.

"Your guidance is precious." Saumya Tripati

"The check is in the mail. The results are quite amazing and are ongoing..." Anonymous 

"Thanks for all your good advice. I am taking it, and all is going well. You are special, and much appreciated!" Cimi

"I personally think Daren is a very good practitioner of Ayurveda and marma practices." Shuba

"Meeting you has changed my life. You have helped me to heal so very much. I just want you to know that I appreciate you and thank you so much for your presence in my life." Dawn

"You have been a great gift and you have made a difference in my life.” Barry Rosen

"I feel calm, balanced, and have lost weight mentally, emotionally and physically." Kathy Carey

"I feel I've been able to access more of who I truly am.”  Barbara R.

"After following the special eating plan you figured out for me I FELT LIKE SUPERWOMAN! I felt lighter, cleaner, and more energetic. My cravings subsided after a couple of weeks.” Happier in Culver City

"I just wanted to let you know that I love everything you sent me and it's making a difference right away. It's fast acting and that's really good." Madeline Cushing

"I'm feeling better than I can remember feeling." Dr. David T.

"I'm staying away from chocolate for the 1st time in years - it's a miracle!"              Margaret Von Biesen

"I have a great deal of admiration for your work." Doug

"Practical Ayurveda has changed my health in a way that I never thought possible. It took only a week to feel a pronounced positive change in my digestion, energy and emotions. As the months have passed, I feel so good. I am sleeping better and when I wake up I feel well rested. I could go on and on with the results I've had." Randy Jaffe

"For more than 15 years I have seen many professionals for my problems without any change in my condition. After just one session with you, Daren, my condition has improved 90% and is still improving. I am absolutely amazed!!" Elke Hill

"For 22 years I had chronic yeast infections. After only one week of using Nature Power's Yeast Free my symptoms disappeared." J. Leimbrook

"Working with Daren speeded up my healing in many ways." Z. Todorovic, Bosnian refugee

"After two years of degenerating health, I was diagnosed with a severe blood infection that lodged in my bone marrow and spleen. An emergency splenectomy (removal of spleen) was necessary. I lost 25 pounds and had no energy. My recovery was slow and painful. A friend introduced me to Daren and his Nature Power. After 30 days of Nature Power, my health returned with vigor and my monthly check-up with my doctor showed my blood levels had returned to their normal levels!! My doctor was very pleasantly surprised. When I told him I had seen an herbalist, he did not scoff as I had expected. He waved my blood results and said 'keep it up because something's working right.' I will be eternally grateful."   Guy Shulman

"Thanks to Nature Power, I feel like I am seeing things in a new light as well as seeing myself and the world for what they really are."    Will Pelton

"The experience felt very powerful and something deep inside my being shifted."       Karin Suede

"In only a little over a month, I have gone from having four or five good days in a month to feeling wonderful everyday. My energy level has tripled, and I haven't felt this healthy in the seven years since I was first diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome."     Karen Shivley

"I meant to tell you, I did that process you gave me for my ears and IT WORKED! I can hear! Thank you!!"   Mary Hamill

"Everything Daren said about my healing has come true. I don't crave sugar, my emotions are more relaxed, my acne is clear, my fatigue is receding, and my body is getting strong. Hallelujah!"    Dawn Divina

"Daren Black has played a key role in my journey to better health. I had suffered silently for countless years with severe acid reflux, digestive problems, allergies, and emotional problems, all of which were affecting each other and grew progressively worse through the years. I was experiencing severe pains in my abdomen after eating, and was diagnosed with Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) by my doctor. I was on numerous allergy medications and through the years had tried ALL of the major brands and had developed side effects to most of them. To date my allergies are gone, my digestion is improving and I am finding a balance with my spiritual and emotional growth. I have seen Daren numerous times, have enjoyed the experiences and felt the healing affects of his abilities. He has proved effective both in person and over the phone. He possesses a great understanding and knowledge that can help all those who wish to learn."   Dominik K.

"Thank you for your insightful, holistic, excellent work. Your dietary suggestions, herbal recommendations, and the written letters for personal transformation have significantly improved the quality of my life.” John Watt

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Disclaimer: These statements are intended to be informational only and are based on thousands of years of accumulated experiences within the realm of Ayurveda. None of these statements are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or heal any disease. Before embarking on undertaking to improve one’s health it is wise first to consult with professionals. None of these statements has been investigated or approved by the FDA. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing said here is intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure disease. If you have a medical problem please see your doctor.


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