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Making Ayurveda Practical


Ancient Wisdom Guides Modern Choices

According to Ayurveda, health is not just absence of disease; it includes strength in the body, pleasant emotions, comfortable digestion, efficient elimination and living a productive life.   

Swastha, the Sanskrit term for health, indicates not just physical, mental and emotional well-being, but spiritual advancement. Here at Practical Ayurveda™ we have a lot of experience helping people to get centered and stay grounded during these "modern" times.

Practical Ayurveda™ is practical when it helps you deal with whatever is going on for you right now. What are your challenges?  What is going on in your life?  

It is possible that Practical Ayurveda™ can be a practical method for you, when Ayurveda helps you to get healthy and stay healthy through holistic, natural, non-chemical means. To be practical, Ayurveda needs to have something to offer each unique individual, whatever your starting point may be.  

We are here to help you to improve your life.  We are here to help you make personal breakthroughs.


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