Health and Water Filtration

  • Water is our body's most important nutrient.  To stay healthy we must drink water throughout the day.  
  • Many adults need about 12 glasses of water a day to maintain health.  In hot weather and when undergoing strong physical exertion, more water is needed.
  • Tap water usually contains many hundreds of poison chemicals as well as cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Generally, in the USA, only about 100 types of contaminants are regulated. 
  • Ayurveda suggests that it is best to drink liquids room temperature or warmer.  Digestive enzymes operate in a narrow temperature range of 25 to 30 degrees, so cold drinks can turn off digestive enzymes and promote weight gain.
  • To lose weight usually it is necessary to drink extra water in order to remove toxins.
  • Distillation and Reverse Osmosis, RO, remove all the healthy minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which are supposed to be in our drinking water.
  • Distillation and RO leave many poisons in the water.
  • The majority of water filters that have been tested usually only remove one type of contaminant, such as chlorine.
  • Many of the poisons found in water have an alkaline pH of 7.1 - 9.5 or even greater, so concentrating alkaline components without removing the toxic chemicals is very foolish and dangerous.  For example; deadly Aldrin, Arsenic, Benzene, Lead, Phenol, Mercury, Chloroform, Ammonia, Lye and DDT are mostly  pH 7 - 11.  
  • Hair straightening chemicals are strongly alkaline and have been found in tap water.
  • Having a water filter at home can provide convenience and peace of mind, if that filter removes all the major classes of contaminants.
  • As water consumption is critical for maintaining health we offer a recommendation for the best personal use water filters.  Check out the water filters with the highest third party lab test rating.    Once you have clicked on the above link, to get the internet promotion, copy the promo code and click enter site.
  • Most filters on the market do not remove any of the class of chemicals known as VOC, including pesticide residues.
  • Most filters do not remove 2,4D, Lead, or Lindane.
  • Conusmers who wish to be healthy must make sure that all the poisonous compounds are removed from their water. 
  • Bottled water only has to meet municipal tap water standards.  Much bottled water is not worth drinking.  
  • Bottled water is expensive!  750 gallons of bottled water will cost you anywhere from $1500 to $3300.  The  cost of 750 gallons of water per year averaged over 3 years can be  less than 15 cents per gallon with these filters.  Save money!  Once you have clicked on the above link, to get the internet promotion, copy the promo code and click enter site.  
  • Vata dosha, composed of air and space, is the only dry dosha. Water, being wet, can often be our first recourse to manage Vata. 
  • These filters are a Consumer Reports Best Buy!   Once you have clicked on the above link, to get the internet promotion, copy the promo code and click enter site.
  • Your body is mostly water.  When you stay hydrated with quality water, you feel better.  This is practical Ayurveda!

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